Thursday, February 7, 2019

Anti-semitism And Sartre :: essays research papers

In Sartres Anti-Semite and Jew, he makes reference to the thought that anti-Semitism arises not against individual Jews, but against the " idea of the Jew." That is to say that the Jew is know only as a member of a group associated with business concern and disgust, not as an individual capable of being anything but the class of the Jew. I agree with Sartres theory as I have seen first hand the disgust associated with being Jewish. The Jew is judged not by his action or words but only if by the fact that he is a Jew, and the preconceived idea of what this means. As discussed in class, Jews have been used as scapegoats throughout annals. They have been blamed for countless economical and social problems simply because of the predisposition towards anti-Semitism that most have. To down the stairsstand this predisposition is easy. It has come from long time of unwillingness to assimilate by the Jews. Because of this unwillingness, the Jews have come to be recognized as different and therefore bad, because, as discussed in class, most key out easiest with what is different with the automatic assumption that it is bad. I think another soil for this assumption is the fact that it is easier to judge people than to understand them, as we poop clearly see gentiles have done continuously throughout history to the Jews.Consequently, throughout history, the anti-Semite has come to adopt an "idea of the Jew", of his nature, and of his role in society. As Sartre explains, "the Jew whom the anti-Semite wishes to lay hands upon is not a schematic being defined solely by his function, as under administrative law or by status or acts, as under the Code. He is a Jew, the son of a Jew, recognizable by his physique, by the colour of his hair, by his clothing perhaps, and, so they say, by his character." To the anti-Semite, the Jews character is oily, tactless, intriguing, ungenerous and greedy. He believes that any Jews are this way, and ther efore treats them all the same, with hatred and repulsion. epoch a Jew might be a successful business man, a doctor, lawyer, or teacher etc. he is also a Jew, and that is all he is recognized for in the eyes of the anti-Semite.Furthermore, Sartre argues that "if the Jew did not exist, the Anti-Semite would spirt him." This is self explanatory by the fact that Jews have been used as scapegoats and will continuously be used as such in the future.

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