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Phl 458 Week 4 Individual Assignment Famous Thinkers Paper

ordinal Century Thinkers PHL/458 20th Century Thinkers The Twentieth Century, the year 1901, proved to be a time of change, brilliance, dedication, and new-found technology (2011). From gibe pens to ink pens, horse-drawn carriages to gas powered engines, slavery and segregation of minatorys and Whites to the courteous Rights move custodyt, and from handwriting on tablets to storing important information in a electronic computer the Twentieth Century made a tremendous amount of verifying contributions to society.The contributions made in the Twentieth Century are often over-looked and interpreted for granted. Ameri foundations in particular rich person run short somewhat spoi guide with that is nevertheless in that location. What is forgotten and should often is without the integrity and dedication within the creative minds of the Twentieth Century, the United States would be living as if it were still 1901 rather than 2012. many a(prenominal) individuals are responsible for the growth of this time. Two of the most influential, though individually had a separate aspiration, are Martin Luther queen regnant and Bill provide.Both men contributed a significant amount, and have gone down in history as individuals who changed the way the world worked personally, socially, and politically. Martin Luther King was one of the most influential politeian rights activists and speakers of recent time. According to a Newsday article, Kings mission was to maven the world into a more(prenominal)(prenominal) accepting place with not besides the Black American population but also other nonage groups. The article also referred to King as, Honored most for his heroic civil rights activism in the United States as well as a prophet of peace and justice in a world torn by war in Vietnam (1992).Among his many accomplishments, Martin Luther King was a doctor, writer of cardinal published books, a member of the executive committee of the National sleeper for the Ad vancement of Colored People (NAACP), president of the Southern Christian leadership Conference, and at the age of 35 he was the youngest man to have true the Nobel Peace Prize (1964). The I Have A Dream lecturing given by Martin Luther King captivated the hearts of individuals supporting the well-behaved Rights cause. His solutions and ideas were implemented widely and had a considerable mpact on rights among the White and Black America. In 1950 King, and the NAACP assisted in the Brown v. Board of Education, in Topeka, Kansas, which led to the acceptance of Black Americans in all White public schools (PBS, 2001). The thousands of boundary and protests he led among the United States proved that one man can indeed make a difference. Bill Gates is also a man who made a difference in the Twentieth Century, though his passion in the beginning of his career came strictly from knowledge and intelligence.Gates is exposit by Whos Who in the Twentieth Century as a US businessman who co -founded Microsoft Corporation, which in the 1980s became the leading computer software product producer. In 2008, Microsoft was, according to this same source, acc utilize of illegal activities, which led to Gates departure at Microsoft (Phillips, 2008). After Microsoft fell through for Gates, he move on on to study philanthropy, which is a corporation or individual (s) present to the goodwill of piece. Bill Gates, still possessing ties with the Microsoft cooperation could do this combining his newfound wealthiness and his intelligence (Time Magazine, 2008).An article from Think Big Magazine quotes from Time, For many years, Microsoft has used corporate philanthropy to bring technology to volume who cant get it otherwise, donating more than $3 billion in cash and software to try to nosepiece the digital divide (2008). Martin Luther King and Bill Gates made different, in so far important contributions to society. King had a dream, that combined with intelligence and persiste nce, helped the United States become more accepting toward minority groups. Without his determination, America whitethorn not have voted in the first Black president.Bill Gates had a dream as well however, with his wealth Gates dreams could come true slightly blistering than Kings. Gates dream, though it began with computer technology, microchips, and corporate ladder climbing finish with wealth. Without his innovative approach, technology would not have reached the take aims on intensity that it has and expect to do over the years, but the goodwill Gates has done for humanity is very noble. Both men brought a completely different level of critical thinking into the world than the other, which could make comparing and critiquing their work, for some individuals, kinda difficult.Martin Luther King and Bill Gates, though from the outside looking in may be individuals who had different agendas, have both made a huge impact on society. The courage Martin Luther King had to stand u p for his cuss Black American citizens and is comparable to the strength that Bill Gates has to wax above his initial failure and change himself to better mankind. Both men have offered the Twentieth Century hope for future generations. For an individual to review article the work of either of these men without having put forth any great effort themselves, some may believe is just ignorance and close-mindedness.In a everlasting(a) dream world, Martin Luther King and Bill Gates would have collaborated and combined their efforts to fulfill a better world. Together their efforts could have been impossible and even more life changing than their work was as individuals. With the wealth of Bill Gates, Martin Luther King may not have had to fight such a difference for freedom, and with the genuine initial compassion as Martin Luther King, Bill Gates may have realized firsthand that his true passion lies within assist humanity.Unfortunately, the time was not meant for them to work a s one however there is hope that future generations will be able to look sometime(prenominal) White and Black, wealth and poverty, and combine forces to contribute similar, selfless traits just as King and Gates were able to do as individuals. References http//ehistory. osu. edu/world/TimeLineDisplay. cfm? Era_id=16 This Is Not Just A Revolution Of Values on the Jericho Road CITY Edition Newsday Long Island, N. Y 20 Jan 1992 58. Martin Luther King Biography. Nobelprize. rg. October 31, 2011 http//www. nobelprize. org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1964/king-bio. hypertext mark-up language http//www. nobelprize. org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1964/king-bio. html http//www. pbs. org/kcet/publicschool/innovators/brown. html Gates, BillWorld Encyclopedia. Philips, 2008. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Apollo Group. October 31, 2011 http//www. thinkbigmagazine. com/mindset/223-billgates-big-thinker http//topics. nytimes. com/top/reference/timestopics/people/g/bill_ga tes/index. html

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