Monday, February 25, 2019

Redken vs Wen

Staci Pritchett Eng 101-011 03/05/13 Try This Out Homework grant Redken increases and pilar cyst vibrissa pull off system eat up some similarities . The some(prenominal) have products aimed for colored, oily, or dry tomentum cerebri. Redken is different from wen because all of its fuzz cleanup position products have sulfate in them ,whereas , Wen is sulfate free. Wen is different from Redken because it is a cleaning conditioner . Redken does not have any of their cleaning products as a cleansing conditioner.Redken has been a well known sensory hair care company for the past fifty years . This hair care account has developed several products lines like the moisturing, fresh curls, and get it wield volumizing systems. Wen is a fairly new hair care line that was developed seventeen years ago. Wen has only a a few(prenominal) products in it hair care line like the sweet almond mint, lavender, and pomegranate cleaning conditioner. Wen also only has one styling product and dee p conditioner. Redken and Wen are both hair care lines.They have a cleansing system, deep conditioning, and styling products essay writer online. Redken and Wen hair care companies have both been around for many years. Not a lot of people know that Redken hair care was invented by an actress and her hairstylist. Wen was invented by a hairstylist that did hair for many years notwithstanding was never happy with using salon products cause his clients hair solace looked damaged and dry. So he decided to develop his own hair care line for his clients but eventually went worldwide with his products.

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