Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Blackwater in Pakistan Essay

According to the name Blackwater (Xe) The Secret US War in Pakistan, written by Andrew Hobbs, Kelsea Arnold, Brittney Gates, Elaine Wellin and hammer Phillips, within a covert forward operating base support by the US mutual picky Operations Command (JSOC), members of the elect(ip) division of Blackwater be at the center of a secret course of instruction in which they target suspected Taliban and root word workmans inside and outside of Pakistan. They publish about how the CIA doesnt present the resources to have a secret operative plan so they enlisted Blackwater to do their dirty work.Blackwater said that they did not have every operations in Pakistan, other than the one employee that is performing device oversight for the US government. But Blackwaters founder, Erik Prince, told dressing table ordinary that Blackwater kit and caboodle with US Special Forces in identifying targets and planning missions. A former major(postnominal) executive of Blackwater unconstipa ted confirmed that Blackwater is in feature working with the CIA and JSOC. In 2009, in that location were reports that the CIA agency director, Leon Panetta, had turned any affiliation with Blackwater.He verbalise that they were two distinguish beasts, the CIA and Blackwater, and that Blackwater was a parallel operation to the CIA. But having give tongue to all of that, Blackwater is real and there have been reports and footage of Blackwater operations in Pakistan to this truly day. The Blackwater operations have first been noted in 2007 and there hasnt been any physical evidence that their operations in Pakistan have been come together down. In the heart of a base run by the US Joint Special Operations Command, there lies an operation run by Blackwater.Blackwater runs a covert ops-type operation to plan assassinations on suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives in and out of Pakistan. They, Blackwater, state that they do not have any operations inside of Pakistan while th ere is plenty of evidence that they are in fact in Pakistan and operation with the CIA. Erik Prince, Blackwaters founder, even told Vanity uninfected that Blackwater was working with the US Special Forces. He express that Blackwater was aid the US Special Forces by identifying targets and planning missions. Vanity Fair even published a photo of a Blackwater base near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.This too contradicts the statement that Captain John Kirby, the spokesperson for Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a newspaper called the Nation, that they dont have any contracts to do that work for them. They dont contract that kind of work out. They sooner do it themselves. Blackwater was trying to cover up what they were doing in Pakistan. Blackwater previously stated that they do not have any other operatives working in Pakistan other than the one overseeing construction for the US Government.What Erik Prince said to Vanity Fair contradicts th e whole statement. He stated that Blackwater has some affiliation with the US Special Forces. The JSOC, which has a base in Pakistan, is part of the US Special Forces. iodine would reason that if Blackwater has some ties with the US Special Forces, they would be working with the JSOC as well. A former senior executive confirmed that Blackwater is in fact working in Pakistan for the CIA and JSOC. He also confirmed that Blackwater has a quick-wittedness in Karachi and has personnel stationed elsewhere within the borders of Pakistan.Leon Panetta, the CIA agency director, said that the CIA has cancelled any affiliation with Blackwater. This means they had some affiliation to begin with. Something was way out on in Pakistan, and Blackwater was somewhere in the mix. By stating that the CIA had canceled their affiliation with Blackwater, he basically said that the CIA had worked with Blackwater. But even if he said that they had canceled working together, there is no physical proofread that they stopped operation together. thither have been mountains of proof showing that Blackwater is in Pakistan while there are none about Blackwater leaving Pakistan.Vanity Fair published a statement by Blackwaters founder and a photo of Blackwater in Pakistan. Proof that Blackwater left? None. There is no benefit of doubt when it comes to war, so same goes to this. Blackwaters first contact with the CIA dates back to 2002. The covert course of instruction in Pakistan dates back to 2007. While Blackwaters armorial bearing is not unfeignedly visible, its basically Blackwater through JSOC. Blackwaters operations in Pakistan are not done through the State Department contracts or publicly identified defense contracts so they stay on the down-low. Two separate beasts. Thats what CIA agency director Leon Panetta says about Blackwater and the CIA. The evidence is against him, however. Blackwaters presence in Pakistan is showing, even if the CIA and Blackwater are trying to hide it. There are cracks in their defense. Blackwaters founder even contradicted himself by stating that Blackwater was working with the US Special Forces. There is a photo in Vanity Fair of a Blackwater base stationed in Pakistan. A former senior executive of Blackwater confirmed all of this and more.He said that Blackwater was working in Pakistan for the CIA and JSOC. He also said that they had a faculty in Karachi and personnel stationed elsewhere in Pakistan. The covert program in Pakistan dates back to 2007, so there is documentation of Blackwater being in Pakistan. There is so much proof against just some he said, she said statements. Blackwater is alive and kicking in Pakistan. Blackwater is just trying to hide itself from the public eye. There is no do for them to hide, the world knows theyre there.

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