Thursday, February 14, 2019

Comparison of the Poems, Two Scavengers and Nothings Changed Essay

Comparison of the Poems, Two Scavengers and Nothings ChangedNothings Changed was written by Tatamkhulu Afrika, a complex racechild with fair skin, who was later adopted by a albumen South Africanfamily who brought him up as though he was white, and he only effectout about his origins as a teenager. Tatamkhulu lived in amulti-cultural ara called District Six, which was destroyed by thewhite authorities. He feels strongly about this kind of racism towardsthe black great deal despite the fact that he has fair skin. In the actual metrical composition, the poet is sexual intercourse the story from his ingest experiences in first individual.Two Scavengers was written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The poemhighlights the differences between rich and poor and the workingclasses, as rise as commonwealth and equality. The poem itself is writtenin third mortal and base around a couple of Bin Men and a couple ofbeautiful, rich people. Then, at the end of the poem seems to engagewhether Am erica really is a democracy.Nothings Changed is set in District Six, based in South Africa. Thepoet describes District Six as harsh-land, but overly goes on to explainthat he still feels that its his home and its still amiable andnatural. I know this because he says, amiable widows weeds on line of descent 8. Thisis a contrasting sentence because weeds are usually a symbol of badthings, so to use the give voice amiable to describe them is distinguishing.Socially, there is a separation of race. In the poets own opinion, thewhite people think that they are more important and banner to theblack people. I know this because in stanza five, Tatamkhulu echoesthe voice of the white person and says, Take it with you, eat it at aplastic tables top, Wipe your fingers on your... ...l as phrases such asas if (lines 29 and 33).In conclusion, Nothings Changed and Two Scavengers both examinethe differences between American democracy and the South Africandemocracy. The poetic devices used are s imilar in both pieces but bothhave very different personal effects on the reader. I found that he wayTatamkhula Afrika structured his poem with short harsh lines waseffective because it do things stand out and got the heighten acrossquicker. It also gave us a better idea of how the poet is feeling. Ialso liked the way he wrote the poem in the pledge tense like he wasreliving the experience. In Two Scavengers, I like the wayFerlinghetti laid out his poem and still made it coordinate withmeaning of the poem. And also, the way he started a new line whenthere was a pause in the speech I found very effective and unlike manyother poems.

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