Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Childhood Obesity Reduction Health Promotion Plan Essay example -- Pub

Upon reviewing the community vitality data I came to the destination that the wellness problem that a health education program would be most appropriate to address would be puerility nutritional health and fitness. I came to this conclusion after cargonful data analysis. Of the countys adults (18+) 77% ate less than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, this percent time is so high belike because of attitudes and habits these adults picked up when they were children. The second largest age demographic in the county is children aged 10 to 17 are overweight, six-spot percent more than the state average, 88% of children age 10 to 17 are not meeting insouciant targets for fruit and vegetable consumption and 30% age 10 to 17 watch 3 or more hours of television per day, also six percent higher than the state average.Children who eat less than healthy foods, which are often low in iron, vitamin content, and have a higher fecund content, are placed at a higher risk for light nutritional habits, iron deficiency anemia, and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and so forth (USDHHS, 2000). Mass media and busy lifestyles also play an important role in the poor food choices of children today, and frequent television viewing prominently turn outs children foods, which suffer large amounts of salt, sugar, and calories and a correlation between television viewing succession frames and childhood obesity has been shown. (Proctor, 2003) An other(a) problem is that many school age children only prefer a small range of foods and dislike vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods. A childs nutritional pattern laughingstock also serve as a strong indicator of family patterns and show just how influential parents can be when it comes down to their childrens pr... ...rtment of health and Human Services. Healthy People 2010 Understanding and Improving Health. Washington, DC U.S. segment of Health and Human Services, Government Printing Office. Freedman DS, Kettel-Khan L, Dietz WH, et al. (2001). Relationship of childhood obesity to coronary heart disease risk factors in maturity date the Bogalusa Heart Study. . Journal of the American Academy of paediatrics, 10871218.Edelman, C. L., Mandle, C. L., (2006). Health promotion throughout the lifespan. Missouri Elsevier Mosby.American Academy of Pediatrics. (2003) Policy statement prevention of paediatric overweight and obesity. Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, 112424430Braet C, Mervielde I, Vandereycken W. (1997) Psychological aspects of childhood obesity a controlled study in a clinical and non-clinical sample. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 225971.

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