Thursday, March 21, 2019

Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar :: essays research papers

This book is basically adjacent the gossip of the privileged, beautiful, and filthy rich teens. While many novels gather in a one-person view of their story, this one allows you to understand each characters thoughts. Welcome to New York Citys Upper East Side, where teenagers have unlimited access to money and whatever else they could ask. This book begins when the girl everyone love to hate, Serena van der Woodsen is back from boarding school. Everyone claims she was kicked out. Blair Waldorf and Serena were best friends until Blair k innovative what it was like to be in the light Serena used to take up. Blairs mother, Eleanor Waldorf, and her soon to be step-father, Cyrus Rose, threw a dinner company when Blair met the her nightmare. This was the first time Blair had seen Serena in two years. Blair knows that if Serena is slightly Nate, her boyfriend, shell end up stealing his heart. The rest of the book follows Blairs parties and new gossip heard over Serena. Blair is on the o rganizing committee for the Kiss on the Lips party, when she cant seem to find someone to print the invitations. jenny ass Humphrey agrees to make them if she can have invitations for herself and her brother, Dan. Serena tries to straighten up her life by doing more extracurricular classes at Constance school for girls. She decides she might join the interschool Drama Club where they are doing a modern version of bygone With The Wind. She later blows that off and joins another drama group. A girl named genus Vanessa Abram is the director of her version of War and Peace. Serena was the best person for the part Natasha, hardly Vanessa doesnt want Dan, as Prince Andrei, to swoon over Serena during the play. jenny ass finally convinces her brother to take her to the Kiss on the Lips party. Serena blew off the party and called Vanessa to see if she would attend her make her own movie. Vanessa agrees to help and invites Serena to a bar called The Five and Dime where her sisters reso und would be playing.

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