Thursday, March 21, 2019

Im Ok Your Ok Essay -- essays research papers

A simple summary of Im Ok-Youre Ok will not give the necessitate credit that the hold back and its author deserve. It is a book that one moldiness read to fully or so far partially reckon its meaning and the authors viewpoint of transactional analysis. The author, Thomas A. Harris M.D., explains in this book the vast amount of experiences that affect the way we live our life from the effect we are born to the second we die. He explains the different feelings a claw experiences from being taken cared of and attended to and vice versa. These feelings are described as Im not ok-youre not ok, Im not ok-youre ok, Im ok-youre ok, and Im ok-youre not ok. The author explains how the interactions between a call forth and a child help aim severally of these feelings and tells how each one is each healthy or unhealthy. The book talks ab fall out the way all(prenominal) human has an Adult, Parent and a Child in them all interacting with each other to perform certain task and make eve ryday decisions. It was dire to read how certain verbal and physical actions can pinpoint which of the ternion we are using to perform whatever tasks we are doing. This book is a great guideline to understanding ones own inter personal behavior and understanding how to find and keep the Im ok-youre ok attitude in life.Human development has continuously perplex me in that I merely dont understand wherefore everybody is completely different. No two people are a same in their ways of thinking, acting, or even dealing with everyday stress. I salvage dont understand all of human development merely after reading this book I do understand a great deal more more or less it. I did not micturate that the development of a persons personality starts from the earliest moments of life. It starts to develop when his or her mother or father holds them for the first time and it and it doesnt stop developing and can always change. As I welcome grown up, I have realized that many of my actio ns are just mimics of what my parents did during my childhood. Just every day simple things such as sacramental manduction the inside portion of my lip while watching television, which is what my father has always done. The book explained to me that I saw these things being done by my parents and diametrical them in my mind as what an adult does, therefore I do them now because it is ... ...r word usage. I can usually pick out certain words that trigger the thought a child or parent. I have notice the more stable a person is or the more educated a person is the more their parent potential shows out. The longer or more complex their words are the more likely their adult decisions are parental influenced. I even have noticed myself sometime having a strong child influence. I sometime put up mad and even whine a little. I recognized my inner child during a card game when I got beaten by a better hand and I stood up and wanted to quit. Usually I dont notice these things decent from the get go but later when I think about I just laugh because I know I looked like a child. I know I will continue to attain peoples actions as well as my own and hopefully I can learn or teach myself how to control my interpersonal feelings.This book is a great self help book in my mind. I would definitely tell others to read it but not to get discouraged at it because it does take some time reading it to understand its purpose. We all have interpersonal problems but this book is a marvelous guideline in understanding them and controlling them.

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