Wednesday, March 13, 2019

National Territory

This experience Is part of my most memorable happenings In my life. meeting other people In an unexpected sequence and place. Asking their paper of trust and time to asks some questions Is such a thrilling and a little bit awkward experience but honestly I really enjoy this actively with my classmates. By the way, the man that Im with In the catch is Mr.. Abraham. He is a tourist here in the Philippine.He is a designer, 24 years previous(a), living in united Arab Emirates. He was with his family at that time I conduct an reference with him. He is a nice and approachable person. Honestly the time I approached him, He was wearing shades and during our interview he take off his shade and I was really captured in his pleasing eyes. He is really handsome with a good sound of voice. Hes religion is Muslim. I also like his sense of humor because, He didnt tell me first his true age but when IM going to pull through the first age that he said, e stopped me and asking me am I really l ook like 21 years old? And I say yes you do look younger than 21 and he really laughed about it. Another is that I share also that my set about was also converted into Muslim and he asked me and tapped my back while he Is laughing at me, If I have also a plans to be converted into Muslim but I answered No.

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