Sunday, March 17, 2019

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If immortal did not exist, would it be necessary to create by mental act him? This question deals with the necessity of God himself. It asks us to imagine that there is no knowledge about any superhuman being, such as God. It makes me ring about weather or not we would be inclined to expect something like God. I am forced to think of how important God is in my own life, and how important God is in the rest of the conception. on that point is no doubt in my mind, that if God did not exist, people altogether around the world would at some point or some other wonder why they were put on earth. Therefore, a being beyond human abilities would have created the world. After reflecting on this, minds would mechanically assume the cosmea of some superhuman being. I think it would be necessary to patch up God, if he did not already exist. We try to control our lives, by tangible means, but when we find that we cannot control everything by ourselves and by our own literal means, we search for something that can control these things. We look for an answer to questions that we cannot answer ourselves. For example, when soul who believes in God has a series of bad situations, such as a divorce, a death in the family, and a loss of their job, they would automatically pray for a brighter future as they feel that God is the l champion(prenominal) way in which they can be saved. If God did not exist, thence humans would feel they were in the dark, not knowing how to deal with plastered situations. Inventing a God in this situation would allow light to be shed on these situations. God is something that many people live for and sum of money their lives around. When someone believes in God they receive a sense of inward peace from God and allow themselves to use this peace to interact with others. In reality, I see God in everyone and everything, but I overly see unnecessary hatred. Looking at the way in which we interact with each other now, with the belief of G od present, I notice that our relations are nowhere near perfect. I figure that without God the world would be unimaginably, even worse. Though people learn to respect others through and through experience, the basis of this concept comes from God. Weather it is Buddha, Alla or Jesus Christ, the love for one another is a major theme with such gods.

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