Friday, March 15, 2019

The Great Gatsby Essay -- English Literature Essays

Texts can be cute and appreciated for numerous reasons, and this is particularly app arent in F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel, The vast Gatsby. The novel is a great part of 20th century books and is determine for the themes and ideas which Fitzgerald presents, such as the importance of dreams in peoples lives, the myth that is the American Dream, Fitzgeralds perspective of 1920s life, and the style in which he portrays his ideas. It is as well as valued simply as a love bilgewater as an socialize narrative.In The bang-up Gatsby, dreams and their importance play a major part in the plot and underlying themes. It is seen that Gatsby himself presents this idea the or so this is because Gatsby is different to all the other characters in the novel as he actually has a dream to improve himself which he hopes will ultimately win back Daisys love. An extraordinary gift for hope, a romanticist readiness such as I contrive never name in any other personThe reader learns that Gatsby h as had dreams and ambitions his entire life, eon his parents had none Gatsby was not fond of this characteristic found in his parents. His goals and aspirations do him who he was and he realised that he was different to his parents in this way. He left his home, his mother and father at a young ripen and was described as a son of God. Gatsby disconnected himself from his parents and created his own indistinguishability as God created people.Gatsbys dream is symbolised by the green slatternly on the end of Daisys dock, across the river from his house, and represents his desire for Daisy. Nick (narrator the story) admires this character in Gatsby and excuses all his faults because of his hopes and dreams. In the end, Gatsby dies in pursuit of his dreams and Nick says, No Gatsby turned out alright at the end it was what prayed on Gatsby, what pass away dust floated in the wake of his dreams.Nick, unlike the other characters, doesnt have any goals or aspirations. He doesnt have h igh expectations, and is flourishing with the way he lives his life. However, the other characters, Jordan, Daisy, Tom and Myrtle, are not quick-witted with what they already have, and only have goals that are short-term, and are often egocentric and concerned with money.The people attending Gatsbys parties also appear to be materialistic and without ambitions. They go through life without directions or dre... ...urning to him. The light at the end of her dock reassures him that she is till close to him, and his house lights represent his movement to attract her. His lights are only turned off after their graduation kiss, when he is comfortable that he has her back, and when he is dead.Wolfsheims human poor boy cufflinks represent an increasingly materialistic and unfeeling society.Yet this text should be simply enjoyed as a love story as an entertaining narrative. The story of Gatsbys attempts to win the love of Daisy is representative of the writing styles during the 1920s , and is valued for this insight. The tale of a man loving a woman and dieing in the quest for her love appeals to readers on an emotional level.The numerous themes and ideas that F. Scott Fitzgerald presents in The Great Gatsby are valued in many ways. He shows that dreams should be authoritative in peoples lives, and that everyone should have a goal in life. He also displays the corrupt nature of the American Dream in the 1920s, and how societys social classes and racist views will never result to equality in America. This perspective of 20th century life and Fitzgeralds style are also appreciated and valued.

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