Monday, March 11, 2019

High School Essay

My freshman family of senior high school was scary. Two relate middles schools coming to arse abouther to make one freshman class did not seem equivalent the best idea, the classes were harder, and the stress levels were higher. In eighth set out I was so excited to be in high school, plainly once I got there I could not wait for that class to be over. Then I realized I still had trine to a greater extent long school social classs ahead of me.Dont get me wrong, I had plenty of fun whiles freshman grade. I met so many new people and made a manage of new friends. The majority of my friends then are still my friends now. But I was ready to grow up. I think every teenager thinks like this at one point or throughout every year of high school. Most teenagers are ready to move from home and decease a new and more independent life in college during most(prenominal) years of high school. I know that I thought this mien for quite sometime. I thought that life in college would b e a million clock more eventful than life in high school.Sophomore and junior year were also similar to freshman year. Friendships became stronger, classes were move to get more difficult, and even though I involved myself more in extracurricular activities, I was ready to get out of town and start college more than ever. I had picked out my dream school and already had so many plans for my freshman year of college. But instead of time speeding up like I wished it would, it felt like it was slow up down.Summer going into senior year I began getting blase with the town and I felt like I was always byword there is nothing to do here. I thought I ask more adventure and was becoming tired of just going through the motions. Although I felt like that then, a few weeks into senior year my mindset had completely changed.Even though senior year has been the toughest year yet, my class has created a nuance. There is so many things that define us as a class and set us apart from everyo ne else. From traditions started at football(a) games, to the things that we do as a group, we defy created our own culture and identity. I have realized that even though I have wanted the past three years to fly by, all I want is for this year to slow down.My friends and I have all created highly close bonds and we have become almost like a family. I feel like throughout the past three years I have taken a lot of things for minded(p) and have not really appreciated all the memories I have had that came from good experiences. I have learned not to take any special moments for granted because I could look back on these days and remember all of the good quantify and how much I enjoyed my senior year.At times I regret wanting to grow up so prodigal because I know now that these are some of the best times of my life and I wish I would have appreciated them before. Although I do regret that, Im thankful I get to spend this year with every single one of my closest friends. I still hav e a long time to make memories, still as the saying goes, time flies when youre having fun.

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